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Edge Distributing Ltd., located in Calgary, AB Canada, was created by George Pearson in 2014, when he saw that there was a need for new products to be brought into the professional hair industry. However, George and his family are no strangers to the professional hair scene. George’s wife, Shelley, has owned a professional hair salon in Calgary since 2002, and has been in the salon industry for over 30 years. Together, George & Shelley bring years of knowledge and experience when it comes to what modern day salons want and what clients expect.

While Shelley was attending a hair show in the USA, she stumbled upon an amazing new hair accessory, the invisibobble®. She just had to bring it back to Canada to show George... And that’s how Edge Distributing Ltd. started and became the Master Distributor of invisibobble® for Canada. In fact, Edge Distributing Ltd. is the Canadian Master Distributor for all of the product lines that we carry, from all over the world.

George’s vision has always been to help salons reduce their impact on our environment, while providing the best care for salon clients. Through the relationships George has built, within the salon and beauty industry, he has been able to bring brand-new products to Canada from across the globe.

With the help of his family, George has grown Edge Distributing Ltd. from a small start-up company in their family garage, to a fully stocked warehouse with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The company continues to grow each day with new clients and new products.


The revolutionary hair tools put an end to the challenges you’ve had tying up your hair.


Modern design meets higher performance, double the water pressure, while cutting back on water use by 65%.

Urban Alchemy

URBAN ALCHEMY is the professional brand which simplifies the lives of hairdressers.


World class quality tools using the latest infrared technology.

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